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Multi-purpose kitchen scissor

for cutting chicken, vegetable and other meat
it is an opener too


Semi auto egg beater

Push down and the beater will runs

60mm head and 10 inch length handle 100mm


Lemongrass essential oil is used to reduce inflammation, ease digestion, and relieve headaches. Inhaling the scent of the oil or using the oil (infused with carrier oils, body oil, and hair & skin products) is said to have a variety of benefits. 100% Natural with no side effect.

Lemongrass is a natural mosquito repellent you can drop into your diffuser to get rid of mosquitos and protect your family from Denggi infection.


For scar treatment or scald (burnt your hand when cooking) you can use the following set of essential oil and oils to treat.
Set A: Vitamin E Oil + Lavender Essential Oil + Rosemary Essential Oil
for sensitive skin user please choose Set B: Vitamin E Oil + Lavender Essential Oil


For general health
For sore throat wash
For DIY Cosmetic products or handmade soap


Small (bowl shape) burner RM10+ authentic essential oil RM27 Free Candles

essential oil can provide a relaxation aroma and it is a very good antiseptics
put 2-4 drops of essential oil with the water inside the bowl


burner (big or small)
authentic essential oil 10ml

Free candles
Other than the relaxation aroma essential oil is also a very good antiseptic oil


Various colour of soap fowers (peel off soap bud to wash hand)
1 Essential Oil Handmade Soap- Rose/Lavender
1 Tea tree & lavender EO hand sanitiser/ Lemon Essential Oil lotion/ Lavender Essential Oil Lotion
with LED lights
Free soap bubble net, carry bag and greeting card


with Tea tree & lavender essential oil (natural sanitiser)

added with vegetable glycerin for moisturising



This is a good quality mica powder for cosmetic and handmade soap

There are many grades of mica.

This one is very smooth with a bit of pearl shinny.


Added with jojoba ,sweet almond oil and aloe vera for more moisturising.

No artificial chemical or preservatives is added.



Aroma necklace set.
User can fill in any perfume or essential oil through the little hold behind the crystal ball


This is a mixutre of soap & cotton flower gift set.
Peel off the rose bud and use it to wash your hand.


Vegetable glycerin is a natural moisturising agent.

Just add into handmade soap or liquid shampoo to enhance moisturising