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2 layers pendant
There is a hold in the crystal ball.
Inject 1/3 essential oil or fragrance into the crystal ball and aroma will diffuse out.
We will give you a syringe
necklace length 28 cm


Drop a few drops of essential oil onto the cotton inside the casing.
Aroma will diffuse from the pendant


100% authentic handmade soap with various of oil
Tulip fragrance
Buy 3 free soap bubble net


100g-+ cologne olive handmade soap


Height 56cm Wide:55cm Rottan Basket XL size

Wheat,Corn Flower, Eucalyptus,cotton flowers,roses, casbia,rat tail (green) etc.


500ml Aroma Diffuser. It is different technology from 200/300ml diffuser
No need cotton stick.


Gift set with 100% handmade soap
free gift box, carry bag and lip balm (for certain set).
All comes with led lights. 


Free a handmade soap for Feb & March
A small bunch of million star flowers
decorated with led lights
Free carry bag with window.
for delivery we will take the flower out from the paper bag and the bag is folded as per picture.



Big bouquet- Black & lace
                   - 10 led balls with pink & blue
                   - 6 soap flowers
                   - size: wide 32cm length 32cm height 50cm
LED lights can adjust to 3 different blinking pattern





Peel off the rose bud to wash hand

size of the box 27*11*6cm


USB Diffuser cum humidifier 300ml
Height 115cm wide (bottom) 110cm
7 LED colour
Last 6-8 hours
auto electricity cut off when dry up


40g each fruit, 1 pack min 2 pcs /4 pcs (small) size 5.5*5.5*4.5cm
Big apple  candle 1 pack 1 apple

Burning hour: approximately 10 hours


custome made soap with aroma (from soap based)
Pre order item, kindly allow 2 days to process


Womens' heated patch with herbal ingredients
new heating technology
to heal menstruation pain and improve womens' health
with mugwort essential oil and other herbals