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Added with jojoba ,sweet almond oil and aloe vera for more moisturising.

No artificial chemical or preservatives is added.



Peppermint essential oil contains menthol that has a cooling effect andworks to brighten up the dull skin. It is refreshing and control acne  effectively.


Anti heat and anti slipp Tong
Stainless Steel

With a hook and lock on top. Just pull or push to lock and unlock


100% Handmade with Essential Oil. 100g+- each


Special cutting for knee
it is made of mugwort plant and other herbals
to enhance blood flow and ease body or knee pain
if you want to use on other part of the body you can cut it to suit you.

for external use only


Womens' heated patch with herbal ingredients
new heating technology
to heal menstruation pain and improve womens' health
with mugwort essential oil and other herbals


4 Different aroma candles in 1 set Free 90-100g Red Palm Handmade Soap

Box size 16*16*5.5cm
Candels aroma:
1)Santiago Huckleberry
2)Persimmon Tree
3)Wildberry & Orange
4)Sandalwood & Flower mixed
each candle size 7*5*5 cm


USB Diffuser cum humidifier 300ml
Height 115cm wide (bottom) 110cm
7 LED colour
Last 6-8 hours
auto electricity cut off when dry up


Semi auto egg beater

Push down and the beater will runs

60mm head and 10 inch length handle 100mm


Imported from India.

10ml Rose Geranium Essential Oil


Freshly made lavender essential oil lotion.
various of fresh oil are used: olive, extra virgin coconut oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil etc.


For scar treatment or scald (burnt your hand when cooking) you can use the following set of essential oil and oils to treat.
Set A: Vitamin E Oil + Lavender Essential Oil + Rosemary Essential Oil
for sensitive skin user please choose Set B: Vitamin E Oil + Lavender Essential Oil


Multi-purpose kitchen scissor

for cutting chicken, vegetable and other meat
it is an opener too


3 pc of 100g essential oil handmade soap in a golden colour box. Free 10ml hp screen sanitiser & 1 soap bubble net