DIY Tools & Ingredients
DIY Tools & Ingredients
DIY Tools & Ingredients

Do you know that you can do your own soap at home? Here are some ingredients and tools for sale. 

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Digital Thermometer for food / Soap making.

Temperature : -50 c - +300 c

Accuracy: +-0.5 c

Big screen:2.9CM*1.1CM
Length: 23.8cm
weight: 45g


1200ml Mould with Wood (Thin Silicone)
Size: Length 26cm Wide 7 cm Deep 7.7cm

1100ml Thick Silicone Mould
Size: Length 20.5cm Wide 9 cm Deep 6.4cm


DIY lotion ingredients. Good quality & non greasy


Natural essential oil is the essence from the plant,

it is suitable to use as room aroma , handmade soap or DIY cosmetic product


For general health
For sore throat wash
For DIY Cosmetic products or handmade soap


Premium Rose essential oil from French


Natural Jojoba oil is a non greasy and a bit "wax feeling" oil. It is a natural make up remover too


Multi-purpose kitchen scissor

for cutting chicken, vegetable and other meat
it is an opener too


Lemongrass essential oil is used to reduce inflammation, ease digestion, and relieve headaches. Inhaling the scent of the oil or using the oil (infused with carrier oils, body oil, and hair & skin products) is said to have a variety of benefits. 100% Natural with no side effect.

Lemongrass is a natural mosquito repellent you can drop into your diffuser to get rid of mosquitos and protect your family from Denggi infection.


This is a good quality mica powder for cosmetic and handmade soap

There are many grades of mica.

This one is very smooth with a bit of pearl shinny.


volcano clays. 100% natural. Suitable for DIY handmade soap or mask


Wood scent. Natural oil

For calming


Semi auto egg beater

Push down and the beater will runs

60mm head and 10 inch length handle 100mm


Stainless steel spatula
345mm length, wide of the scop 80mm